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CGI Photography: 5 Amazing Benefits That Promote Manufacturers’ Product Selling

CGI photography is a revolutionary approach to the world of imagery for product manufacturers. It applies to design industry and is a leading tool for creating catalogs, web content and marketing media. Unsurprisingly, leading world’s companies that sell goods of mas

s production are already using 3D. Ikea, for instance, replaces traditional photography with CGI for over 50 percent of its catalog.

Oftentimes, manufacturers might have a promising product that awaits its finest hour. But given poorly planned promotional strategy, curious consumers are not aware of their unique selling proposition. Their items are not bestselling because clients don’t visit the store, forcing salesman to panic as it falls short of customers’ shopping expectations. As a result, selling rates are gradually dropping to the point of no return. And so do the hopes for the future of store’s prosperity. Sounds familiar?

The state of sinking ship is not uncommon for manufacturers. But what if there’s a real rescue from inevitable business headaches? 3D rendering company is the answer to all problems – it offers services for a rapid advancement of promotional material. It also assists in increasing customer attention to the product with CGI photography.

So what advantages exactly does CGI photography bring to a manufacturing business? Let’s take a look.

1. CGI Imagery Shows The Final Product Before Production

CGI photography eases the task of planning and envisioning merchandise significantly. That is, manufacturers don’t have to simply imagine the item and put production at risk in case prototyping fails to translate the idea. With CGI imagery, they can analyze design properties of items and play with textures, sizes, colors and material. They can also take their time to compare dozens of digital versions and choose the best ones for production. This way, risks are minimized and production stage starts much faster.

2. CGI Photography is Perfect for Showing Multiple POV’s

Consumers seek unforgettable shopping experiences with visual guidance, and most manufacturers know it. But apart from that, they want to see all product views available to scrutinize the item. Obviously, general view images will never catch the eye, at least of those who want to take the real value from the merchandise. So what can manufacturers do to intensify customers’ positive impression from the item? CGI photography enables to present merchandise in a shop’s website from the most suitable angles, with proper lighting and high-quality resolution. Just let shoppers admire the offer by displaying group imagery with 360 degree views so that they could take a closer look and evaluate item’s benefits at most.

3. 3D Imagery Enhances the Depth of Items

Owing to its strong technical properties, CGI imagery offers an impeccable view of the item which is deprived of the least possible inaccuracies. Therefore, while promoting products in online or retail stores, CGI photography works best to satisfy the needs of demanding clients: it has a powerful close-up view option. Detalization of items that manufacturers want to advertise and eventually sell will enhance people’s interest in the brand and encourage them to make a purchase.

4. CGI Photo-shoots Enlarge a Sense of Item’s Uniqueness

Prior to a merchandise launch, the promotion of a product has to accentuate an exceptional selling offer. But nothing can outline the items more appealingly than professionally made 3D product visualization. CGI photography can advertise manufacturers’ idea like a magic wand by putting the product into all settings imaginable.

When manufacturers see merchandise in the office of prestigious Madison Avenue, they can let customers enjoy this scene. All they need is give 3D artists some references of how the item should look in preferable stages and voila – their items shine as brightly as smiles on people’s faces when they see the result. On top of that, clients can pick their favorite entourage from the visited website and gain inspiration to create similar ideas for their home designs.

5. 3D Photography Doesn’t Bite The Wallet

While it seems way easier to make a simple photography of an item for display, it doesn’t work that way for manufacturers who need an urgent and hyper-real CGI imagery. The problem is that traditional photo-shoots require lots of expenses on studio rent, photographers’ work and decor elements. CGI photography, on the contrary, is entirely computer-generated, meaning that its cost is a pleasant surprise rather than an ill-timed burden. Manufacturers only have to pay visualization company for their services, and the juice will be totally worth the squeeze. And here’s the biggest plus – shoppers will be satisfied with CGI pictures of premium quality since manufacturers will urge them to visit a site and browse it from the top to the bottom.

CGI photography is a rescue for product manufacturers who long to make their outstanding products demanding on the market. 3D images are just great for presenting items that are not yet produced – 3D models can be tweaked as many times as manufacturers want until they’re happy with design realization. Besides, CGI expands the limits of imagination and helps put creators’ items in specific settings to underline its prominence. At last, computer-generated photo-shoots reduce efforts spent on material advertising owing to their effectiveness, supreme quality and reasonable price.

Want to freshen up your product line with incredible CGI photography? Contact us for 3D rendering services and get photo real imagery for profitable product selling.

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